Comprehensive support

Comprehensive support from application to project implementation

Our partners usually benefit most from the service of comprehensive preparation of a project for submission to tender for Interreg programs, as it outweighs the time of an employee at the municipality and the specific knowledge of us as contractors who specialize in Interreg programs. In addition, in Interreg programs, the costs of preparing the application are eligible costs for drawing EU funds, so that if the project is approved, the applicant can recover at least part, if not all, of the cost of preparing the project.

Why is it wise to opt for comprehensive support?

With us, you will find it easier to acquire and implement EU programs because:

Municipalities and regional agencies

We specialize in working with public authorities, especially municipalities and regions

Interreg programes

We specialize in EU international programs, especially Interreg


You want to acquire larger investment funds

Already tried

You have already tried, but for some reason you have not yet obtained EU funds for your projects

Lack of employess

You lack enough employees with experience in international EU funds

Project team staff

It is challenging to recruit experienced personnel willing to work on an EU project

50+ mio EUR

The value of the obtained EU funds from our partners


municipalities from 21 countries engaged us as a contractor for drawing EU funds

20 years

built network of reliable project partners


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