transnational cooperation

Transnational cooperation

The mission of transnational programs, also called INTERREG-B, is to prepare common development solutions for common challenges. The emphasis is on strengthening the institutional capacities of public administration and the public sector, also in connection with the private sector, and on improving development policies and strategies.

The role of transnational projects

The role of transnational projects is to develop, test and implement European, macro-regional and national development policies and strategies in a transnational context. Transnational projects are involved in policy-making processes and the preparation of a certain policy with the aim of putting it into practice. Typically, transnational projects include strategic policy development, policy impact studies and pilot actions. Even if companies participate in the projects, the projects must be focused on the public or general interest. Transnational projects encourage the exchange of good practices, addressing common problems and finding common solutions. They form common strategies and ideas, which are tested in practice through pilot campaigns.

Possibilities of cooperation

Transnational cooperation programs open up possibilities for the participation of beneficiaries from different countries and provide access to knowledge and experiences to representatives of the national, regional and local level, interest associations, research institutions and civil society, as well as representatives of relevant ministries and their implementing institutions.

Transnational projects pursue the realization of the following direct results:

Joint strategies and action plans

Pilot activities

Common management structures and systems

Preparation of documentation for investments

Methodologies of management at the transnational level


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